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Fark how cringe worthy!

Midget who looked like Asterix MUHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love it! :D I never liked Mayhem! Well, Deathcrush is quite good, but De mysteriis ... is absolutely overrated! In my Opinion, there is just only one good Song on this Record, which is Freezing Moon. And besides Dead, I absolutely don't like the other Bandmembers..


This movie is fake news.

Caught this film at Scary Movies XI Fest in NYC. Rory Culkin & Emory Cohen are amazing in the film. I'd never seen Rory in such a central role and he really carried the movie. The director really humanized these people and gave you an understanding as to how things could get out of control. It's so strange that people rated it 5.3 on IMDB. Hopefully that will change when it is released. The violence is intense & graphic but there are so many moments of humor in the movie that help balance it out. I highly recommend it..

Gargabe, vice films lmao

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looks good! :)

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his drumming was rather awesome* still a bitt of metal left in varg , cheers varg.

Kvarforth is the biggest joke in metal. Everyone knows he is full of shit besides 15 year old emo girls.

thank you for telling your story!

Perfect low light, I upload drinking videos at night, exclusively, and I cannot get this lighting effect to work, it is too glaring etc, and you had perfect lighting here, what is you secret pray tell, an interesting story, wow!. oh damn. I remember when this happened. Can't wait to see this! 😂😂😂👌🏻 Best movie in 2018. hello varg, what do you think about modern black metal? gorgoroth, rotten christ, etc?

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lords of chaos film a history of western musical aesthetics It's really interesting. I like this 30 minutes format 'it's time to listen story') I hope, Mr. Vikernes, to see same long videos with stories about music, history, RPG and other things :). Netflix? Documentary musical western Lords of chaos They Sleep Inside Your Head.

I can't tell if this is a joke or not. If it's not...

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Like a very good parody!

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No quiero ser racista ni nada por el estilo, pero solo los latinos somos quienes adoptamos tendencias o gustos y hacemos el ridiculo; en este trailer podemos apreciar como dicen ave lucifer y tal y tal... una escena bastante obligada, no se.. siento que no lo sienten o realmente no estan convencidos y solo entran ala cultura black metal como aficionados y no bajo principios de ocnviccion, es por eso que no me gusta la escena poser de latino america con respecto a este genero... no tienen porque hacer la voz a cada instante.. una cosa son los conciertos y otra la vida o las entrevistas...

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I really appreciate your honesty and frankness coming from an American Irishman. We would definitely get along.

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Varg you need to do a documentary about your side of the history using crowdfunding As an most influential musician in your country and the scene you must continue with your legacy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your believes..

lords of chaos Yooo what? My grandmother is 89yold and she knows that Columbine Killers DIDN'T listen Marylin Manson. Search. Oh cmon thst Gaahl interciew was laughable, he's such an edgelord

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17:00 ...Attila, from Hungary. Great nation. Ohhhhh yeah! Offtopic, and was likely asked numerous times, but have you ever thought of making a 'Back to the Shadows' MiniCD in cardboard sleeve released through Byelobog? Would not cost a penny to put together. Or maybe a physical full-length with the new unreleased ambient tracks is coming up these years?.

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...I'm not impressed. Anyway, Varg's smile is too kawaii

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What a joke.

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. goofy

3:48 Dude's like, Well, I guess you got this.


Are there any good black metal bands? Like what's the equivalent to slayer in the black metal community?

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uau, this was a story. i'm about the same age, maybe a few off but what have you guys been doing in that time is unbelievable :) i had a band and was a rebel and came across you guys in a flash as well, but you made some stamp on history :) haha i'm gonna check more ;).

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I have no idea why but im absolutely in love with this. I have an HUGE fullblown love overflowing obsession with this scene. And i believe in GOD.

Is it out yet? Looks awesome!

Well this one was strange. What pseudonym is he talking bout and this must be an made up scene?

Can't wait to see Varg stabbing Euronymous 23 times in self-defense

I thought this was the trailer for Lords of Chaos by the thumbnail

Yo i just discoverd alien weaponry and this poped up on my feed. It shows other countries saving metal scene in a good way

Guess they're not allowed to show the cover of Dawn of the Black Hearts





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